Torch & Laurel Scholar Benefits

The College Confidence Coach has partnered with The Society of Torch and Laurel. 

In addition to access to scholarships, the recognition of academic achievement and the opportunity to attend the ScholarCon conference, Scholars in The Society of Torch & Laurel and their families can access the following Scholar benefits.

The College Confidence Coach is available at a special rate, and with participation comes additional scholarship eligibility. Recognized Scholars can contact for details, discount codes, and scholarship applications.

Why Choose C3

For any student contemplating their future, there are a lot of unanswered questions. The College Confidence Coach helps students discover their unique strengths so that they can better inform choosing which colleges to apply to, the application process, possible majors, and life after graduation. During this process, students move from questions to confidence with regard to their future.

What Parents Say

“Upon meeting The College Confidence Coach and hearing about the process, we were confident that C3 would deliver a concise, and effective plan of action for our student, and that is exactly what they did. The process itself was so effective, stimulating, and eye-opening that we now know more about our student then we ever had before. We now have the peace of mind that we don’t have to watch over his shoulder and pressure him on his decision making.”
Paul Eckert, NY
Parent of a C3 student

How the C3 Process Works


The first step is to take the Pre-Discovery assessment. Torch & Laurel Scholars receive a 60% discount on the $50 price. Check your email for the discount code or email

Pre-Discovery has two parts. The first is an online assessment that your student takes to determine how much they’ve already thought about college and factors in choosing a college are most important to them. This assessment also has a scientific component to help your student identify their area of academic talent and inherent study style. Your student also completes a questionnaire about their goals and interests.

Next, your student schedules a 30-minute phone call with a professional college counselor. The counselor interprets the assessment and uses the questionnaire to talk to your student about their best approach to the college application process, what to prepare before the application process begins, and possible majors and future goals.

C3 Pillars

If you want to move forward with the C3 Roadmap, your college counselor will suggest a Pillar for you that’s based on your student’s needs.

Torch & Laurel Scholars have access to these Pillars at a substantial discount.

Silver at 15% savings
Gold at 20% savings
Platinum 25% savings

Check your email for the discount codes or email for a replacement.

All students who enroll in a C3 Pillar can access a portal where they can email their college counselor with any questions. Parents also have a login to the portal, as well as trusted teachers, guidance counselors, or anyone else to whom you choose to give access.

C3 Pillars can help your student with the self-discovery process, how to integrate their strengths into their college choice and major, the entire college application process, and even college life after enrolling.


C3 is offering two scholarships to Torch & Laurel Scholars who choose to utilize C3. Scholarship applications are emailed directly to students once they enroll with C3 and become eligible.

C3 Founder's Scholarship

Open:  September 17, 2014
Close:  December 17, 2014

One (1) $2000 scholarship awarded to a Recognized Torch & Laurel Scholar who has completed the College Confidence Coach (C3) Pre-Discovery phase.

The C3 Platinum Scholarship

Open:  September 17, 2014
Close:  December 17, 2014

One Torch & Laurel Scholar who has both completed the College Confidence Coach Pre-Discovery phase and has signed up for a C3 Pillar will be upgraded to a Platinum Pillar in The College Confidence Coach program.

From the C3 Founder

It’s easy to feel confident in your child when they tell you exactly what they think they want to do in college.

However, statistics prove that this confidence may not be warranted. In a recent national overview, NBC found that eighty percent of college-bound students have yet to choose their major, and furthermore, over fifty percent of those who have declared their major will change it, many doing so two and three times throughout their collegiate journey. When students are out of touch with their personal unique strengths, they will change their major, or transfer schools, which delays their graduation and adds additional semesters of tuition to the cost of their degree. 

At C3 we call this uncertainty “the Awareness Gap,” the window between leaving high school and graduating college, where students are not properly guided to create an individual vision for their future goals.

Our process gives students self-awareness. We make the college preparation journey easier and more attainable, and we love helping students have their “aha moments.”

Let C3 turn “What do I do now?” into “Let me stay on the path to get to where I want.”