Reflections on our Experience Working with Evan Giokas at the College Confidence Coach

Two of my sons, my husband, and I have had the pleasure of working with Evan Giokas over the past twelve months. During that time, Evan’s guidance, support, and mentoring have contributed positively to the growth and development of two of our sons. We know unequivocally that our oldest son, a senior who will soon be attending his first choice college this fall, is doing so in large part due to Evan’s coaching. Evan’s expertise in all stages of the college application process was invaluable to us as parents and to our son. Evan skillfully helped us navigate the many stages of the application process and the complexities of the financial aid applications.

We as parents continue to appreciate Evan’s professional, friendly, and affable manner and the consistent enthusiasm he displays when working with our sons. Evan has made a personal connection with both of our sons and has proven to be an important mentor for them. Indeed, he is an excellent role model to young men and women who are embarking on a new stage of life and who have important decisions to make. His support is not limited to the pre-college process; I appreciate his willingness to work with students even during their college years in such areas as choosing courses, researching scholarships, and renewing financial aid.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Evan and we look forward to his working with our third son, as well. We wish for every high school student the opportunity to work with such a knowledgeable, dedicated, and capable college counselor as Evan Giokas.
— Moira and Robert Krum, parents

Student testimonials

Matt Vizzi, NY

Matt Vizzi, NY

Making decisions about college were really starting to make me nervous come late September. I was determined to pick out a college close to home that fit my needs and offered a major that would make me happy for all four years. After changing my mind many times I decided to seek help from Evan, The College Confidence Coach. Throughout the process Evan helped me to acknowledge and better understand my core strengths and abilities. Using this information Evan and I were able to narrow down my major and school selection to an extremely manageable number. The best part about the process is that it eliminates nearly all the stress associated with applying to college while keeping you heavily involved in every decision. I plan to use the knowledge I have gained through Evan and the program to excel in college and to start my career with confidence.

Jordan Wainwright, NY

Jordan Wainwright, NY

When I first graduated high school, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to school or what I wanted to do, so I choose Erie Community College. I have never had someone really take the time to sit down with me and help me figure out a path. Guidance counselors always seemed to agree with everything I said or provide me a list of classes I “could” take. I never truly had a sense of direction. After meeting with The College Confidence Coach, I couldn’t believe how much he knew about me. I walked out of our meeting feeling much more confident and eager to begin our plan. I can’t wait for our next meeting. Thanks Evan for helping me out!

Nathan Hanshew, DC

My name is Nathan Hanshew and I am a C3 Platinum Scholar. My mother and I decided to go with Evan to help me decide and position myself on the road that I’ll travel which will ultimately determine the course of my life. I’ve had a lot of fun with Evan during the time that we’ve shared so far. We’ve gotten to know each other and have set goals for myself for my scholastic career. I’ve enjoyed the entire process so far but the thing that I enjoy the most about everything is how fast Evan has set things up for me, the goals that we have in mind and the seriousness that he imposes because he understands that this is a critical time in my life. We started planning my roadmap the second I lifted the phone to speak to him.

I’m very confident in the path that we’re building because we work diligently and seriously and everything is so perfectly organized in a way that would leave most speechless. This organization ensures maximum efficiency and completion of the goals that we want to accomplish. I have learned a lot about my traits and how I work in today’s world. Evan had me take two tests in Discovery which explore your work ethics and your philosophical traits. Throughout the Discovery phase I have learned a lot about myself from these tests that I didn’t even realize before. The tools Evan uses expose certain traits about you and they hone in on which environments that you work best and worst in. These tests will explore the inner you and they are 100% to their word.

If you’re looking for someone to help you out  and who’s serious about your journey and success in life, Evan is the guy to go to.



I had long been searching for a college coach when I received and email from Evan Giokas and his team at The College Confidence Coach. When I thought of what a college coach meant to me, I viewed them only as someone to help you search for colleges and apply, but Evan has done so much more. I will admit, I was a bit apprehensive about the CCC Discovery process, and wasn’t too sure how that would fit into my college search. Having just finished the Discovery process, I can confidently say, Evan went above and beyond my expectations to create a new brand of self awareness in my skills and goals.

Now, while I once may have thought that all I wanted was someone to help me pick out schools and programs, that view was extremely shortsighted and shallow. How could I even find a school, major or the right professors and classes without someone who knew my personality and learning style? Through the Discovery process, Evan has blown my mind in creating correlations between my strengths and can now use those connections going forward to find the perfectly catered school and program for me. All of these complex and personal services are offered at a steal of a price, and one I had no problem using college funds for. Without the base Evan is giving me I’d fear making the wrong decision. With Evan and the College Confidence Coach, I can safely say that I am receiving the most personalized, comprehensive and instrumental support anywhere out there. Evan not only cares about me as a student, but as a person as well. With his guidance, I have no fears for the road ahead. 

Parent testimonials 

Paul Eckert, NY

Paul Eckert, NY

Our journey with The College Confidence Coach can be summed up in three ways: Confidence, Piece of Mind and Relief.

Confidence: We were referred to Evan and The College Confidence Coach by a neighbor who had sent their student through his process the year before. They spoke so highly of the process and their confidence in their students success that we decided to call Evan to have him help our own college-bound student as well. Upon meeting Evan and hearing more about the process we could see why our friends were so taken with their success. We were confident that Evan would deliver a concise, and effective plan of action for our student as well, and that is exactly what he did.

Piece of Mind: From our perspective as parents (and we’re sure our sons perspective as a student), we now have the piece of mind that we don’t have to watch over his shoulder and pressure him on his decision making. We know that Evan’s suggestions and recommendations come from both a calculated formula and his personal wisdom and are confident that our student will always be lead to make wise choices. 

Relief: The process itself was so effective, stimulating, and eye-opening that we now know more about our student then we ever had before. From day one Evan’s process taught us why some things have always clicked for our son while others were a struggle. Knowing now that there is a real reason for all that has given us a huge sense of relief as parents for we now know that Evan will be suggesting ways to avoid any type of struggles that could emerge on our students college journey.


The Holyst Family

2015.08.12 holyst parents.jpg

The prospect of college selection for my son was daunting.  While I appreciated the importance of making an informed decision, high school information sessions and guidance counselors offered little more direction than “choose a school if you like their campus”.  While I didn’t feel comfortable suggesting my son make such an important and expensive decision in such a manner, I didn’t know where else to start. I didn’t know what I needed to know or where to find resources to become informed; I had no idea where to start.

I am so pleased that we found Evan and The College Confidence Coach program.  The College Confidence Coach methodology and tools are remarkable.  The Discovery and Strategies processes were both enlightening and conformational. Even though Matt had a general idea as to his major, it helped him better understand his work/learning style and gave him a great deal of confidence in his refined major selection.  Having the ability to also factor his personality/strengths assessment into school selection is invaluable.  Evan’s knowledge and access to specifics regarding prospective schools’ learning environments, class sizes, and culture, as well as his personal investment in getting to know Matt gives us confidence that Matt will find himself in HIS best environment for success. 

Matt’s decision to invest some of his college money in The College Confidence Coach program was a wise one.  He is ensuring that he maximizes his return on a much larger investment; one that is financial, personal, and life altering.  My only regret is that we didn’t find The College Confidence Coach sooner.  Having Evan’s guidance earlier in high school would have been beneficial in identifying early opportunities.  In Matt’s case a few missed opportunities could have been capitalized on with a bit of guidance from someone with their eye on the bigger picture.

As a coach Evan has far exceeded our expectations.  He has gone beyond coaching school selection; he has been a mentor to help Matt toward his highest college aspirations.  Evan’s guidance, action plans, and the accountability he provides have been invaluable.  In addition to being knowledgeable, organized, and prompt, he is genuine and relatable; Matt looks forward to each session.  While this is an exciting time in our lives, Evan makes us feel that he is equally excited and invested in Matt.  Having Evan’s guidance and support has transformed this experience from stressful to empowering, and in fact pleasurable.  I can’t say enough - except thank you for your passion and dedication.