Before we can even begin to explain how we help students discover themselves, it is most important that you understand WHY we are so passionate about what we do.

Simply put, we’ve been where our students are.

When high school students are faced with the challenge of deciding what to do for their next step after high school, it is often the first time that they are truly asked to make a decision for themselves.

Unfortunately, not many students know themselves well enough to make that decision based on an honest Internal Self-Validation™ of what truly motivates them, and WHY they are making an investment in higher education from the start.

It is our passion, mission, and our own WHY, to eliminate the agonizing feeling of self-doubt and panic that most every student feels while either making their collegiate decision, or throughout their higher educational journey.

We believe in coaching students to discover their own WHY so that they can be confident in their choices in where they go to school, what to major in, and knowing WHY they are there to begin with. 

Click on the Let’s Get Started tab to get started. And remember; our WHY is to be here to help you navigate the first steps... of the rest of your life.