Evan's journey

Evan is the founder and original coach at The College Confidence Coach. The College Confidence Program™ is a unique process he designed specifically to help young adults navigate their first major life decisions. For most, the transition from high school to college and from college to the working world, can be quite challenging. These are the first experiences in which young adults have to rely on their instincts and core confidences to take the necessary steps towards their true passions.

Evan Giokas Founder and original coach

Evan Giokas
Founder and original coach

It was Evan’s own personal journey and diligent pursuit of self-awareness that led him to where he is today. After three transfers and a handful of program changes, Evan graduated from Niagara University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Communications.

It was through his own rigorous journey of self-discovery that he realized his passion to help people – in particular, young adults who are faced with making difficult college decisions. He knew coaching students to develop confidence and understanding of their unique strengths would create momentum to propel them in their true direction.

Evan’s coaching began quite organically while talking to high school seniors about their plans for their upcoming college journeys. While mentoring them on how to avoid the common mistakes made amongst so many college students, he realized the impact his experiences and directional coaching could make on the lives of ALL young adults making the first decisions of the rest of their lives.