Our Platinum Pillar is the ULTIMATE piece of mind for you and your student.

The Platinum Pillar follows The College Confidence Program but with a more extensive coverage of self-awareness and a personal mentorship between coach and student throughout the journey. Our Platinum Pillar is designed to provide  mentoring throughout collegiate planning, journey and beyond. 

When a student engages in the Platinum Pillar they are not just signing up for coaching, they are signing up for personal development and the understanding that their mentor will guide them to the success they dream of.

Throughout the Platinum Pillar, students will engage in all steps of The College Confidence Program, Including:

  • Pre-Discovery
  • Discovery
  • Strategies
  • Solutions
  • Plan Launch
  • Continued Coaching (2 sessions per semester)
  • CC Finance Connoisseur
  • CC Tuition Super Saver

This means that the Platinum coach will help the student: 

  1. In every area of Self-Discovery
  2. Give them a list of strategies to choose from
  3. Build out the solutions for each strategy previously mentioned
  4. Aide in launching the students personal plan
  5. Makes sure the transition goes smoothly.  
  6. Develops a comfortable relationship where students can openly go to coaches for answers in all areas of their collegiate journey.
  7. Takes care of all financial aid forms, loans, grants, scholarship search and beyond.
  8. Ensures that the students collegiate application essay is developed, edited and perfected for submission. 
  9. Maintains and strengthens the relationship throughout college and beyond to ensure success and happiness.

In addition, The Platinum Pillar entitles students to two Continued Coaching sessions per semester with their coach where they can go over the experiences, both positive and negative, and discuss solutions and planning in either case