Our Silver Pillar is a great way to start any students journey to their educational future.

In the Silver Pillar students receive all the tools and tips from: 

  • Pre-Discovery
  • Discovery
  • Strategies

Our Silver Pillar is perfect for students who may have already formulated ideas on where they want to go and what they want to do, but could use the reassurance of talking it out and affirming that they are on the right path. 

It is also the ideal pillar for High School Seniors who may have begun the admissions process but still have no idea why or where they are going. Additionally it is the pillar for any Current College Student who is considering changing their major or, is having doubts about the path they've initially embarked on. 

Parents love our Silver package because it allows them to communicate with their student more openly and allows them to feel more confident when sending them off to college knowing that their decision was not made spontaneously or irrationally.