If you have a student who is preparing to enter college, already enrolled, or ready to graduate, watch your step.

There is money-pit right underneath your feet, waiting to take you as its next victim. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this article from Business Insider:

At The College Confidence Coach parents often ask us, 

"What exactly do you do?"


At first our answer to that question revolved around how effectively our process gives students their first bode of self-awareness. We would tell you how much easier and attainable we make the college preparation journey and express our love in helping students have their “aha moments”.

We love helping students see the finish line before they even arrive at the race, but we also know how costly the entry fee to the race can be.

Hence, our new answer to the question “What exactly do you do?”

Well parents, its simple.

"We Help you and your student avoid The College Money-Pit Trap"

It’s easy to feel confident in your child when they tell you exactly what they think they want to do in college. However, statistics prove that this confidence may not be warranted. In a recent national overview, NBC found that over 80% of college-bound students have yet to choose their major, and further, over fifty percent of those who have declared their major will change it! Many doing so two or three times throughout their collegiate journey. 

Couple this with the fact that over 1/3 of all college educated students have transferred at least once and you start seeing the ground work of The College Money-Pit Trap.

Often when changing majors at school it is necessary for students to change the “college” within the university they are attending. For example, if your student went to Alpha University as a business major, they would attend Alpha Universities’ College of Business Administration. But if along the road they realized that their true passion was for teaching, they would have to transfer to Alpha Universities College of Education.

It’s not hard to see that the easiest way for a University to make money is to keep your student enrolled for as long as possible. So when your student decides to change their major, the different colleges of their university will often make transferring existing credits a stressful job. The less credits that transfer to the new transcript, the longer your student has to pay for enrollment.

The College Money-Pit Trap is easier to slip into then not.

Fortunately for you, what we have developed through helping students in all stages of the collegiate planning process, is our proven method for success, The Internal Self-Validation Method. 

The ISV Method is the basis of our entire process and challenges students to ask themselves very important questions such as:

  • What do I really believe in?
  • What am i truly excited about?
  • Who do I want to help in my future career?

By starting their journey with important questions like these, students open up to our in-depth self discovery much more quickly and honestly. From there our process does the rest, helping students find what they were truly meant to major in and where they were actually supposed to enroll.

To learn exactly how our process will separate you and your student from the rest of the pack, please contact us today for a complementary consultation. We will not let you fall into The College Money-Pit Trap.