Why college is the best time of your life

We’ve all seen the movies. We’ve all heard the stories. We know why Asher Roth wrote his one hit wonder “I Love College”.

Freedom. You’re out on your own, there’s no detention for skipping class, nobody’s telling you when to study, when to eat, or what to do. For the first time in your life, you have the freedom to make choices that are distinctly your own.

Enjoy that freedom; bask in it. You have four years to utilize and embrace the absolute autonomy of making your own decisions before you blink your eyes and find yourself on the graduation stage ready (or not), to take on the mundane repetition of the working world. The freedom that you enjoy throughout college is a gift, but it is also a gift that comes with great responsibility.

Depending on where you go to school, you may find that your social calendar begins to take priority over the primary reason that you or your parents are paying the egregious tuition that it costs to attend today’s four year colleges. Distractions will present themselves on an hourly basis and for the first time in your life it is entirely on you to decide which of these distractions will dictate your collegiate experience.

By all means you are expected to have fun in college, that is (like it or not), part of the freedom that we are addressing here. However, the other side of freedomthe ability to become truly self-aware and begin building the framework of the rest of your life, is the true beauty in the freedom that college brings.

Do not take this freedom lightly. It is as intricate to your college experience as the classes you take, relationships you build and degree you finish with. Knowing instinctively how you do your best work, what fields interest you and how you see your ideal role in the working world are all outcomes of the freedom of self discovery.

Unfortunately, many students do not understand or appreciate the value of this freedom. They go through the motions of college, blindly expecting the outcome that the degree they receive will propel them to their beliefs of how the world will be post-graduation. Despite the undeniable intellectual value that a degree brings to anyone’s life, it is no longer a covenant to job opportunities or security. The deplorable statistics show that the degree you receive is a veritable prerequisite to get you in the door for an interview. It is simply not enough.

At The College Confidence Coach we specialize in mentoring the freedom of self-discovery. It is our everlasting goal to serve our students with expertise in how to separate themselves from the ruse of the collegiate promise that the degree you receive will be enough to complete the journey of finding and living your dream.

Freedom is a gift and college CAN BE the best time of your life. Let us help ensure that IT IS.