The C3 Guide to Campus Visits

Campus visits are a big part of the college decision process.

When you are visiting schools that are in your list of potential choices follow these simple, yet effective guidelines to make the most out of your time on campus!

Visit a class in your major

If you know what you’re going to major in why not go get a feel of what your classes will be like? Go sit in an introductory level class that has to do with the major you are contemplating. After all, you’ll be in classes like these for the next four years.

Walk around on your own/without guide

Campus guides are great, however, they are only showing you what the school has told them to show you! Go take a look around for yourself! Check out the campus, spots you can see yourself in. Pretend you already go to school there & decide if its a potential place for you. This will be your home for a little while!

Take notes

There is going to be a ton of information flying around at your campus visit, how are you going to keep track of everything you liked & didn’t like? Whether you are recording your guide on your phone, or walking around with a notebook make sure you are recording everything going on in your mind during your campus visit.

Talk to students

These are your potential colleagues! They walked the same route you are walking right now! Ask them questions! Why did you decide on this school? What do you like about it? What are you disappointed in? Do you like your classes?  Ask as many questions as you need to as many people as you’d like. Trust us, they will be happy to help you.

Schedule a meeting with a professor (in the major you are thinking about)

These are the people you will be paying to give you the education you need to be successful in life. It is their responsibility to mold your mind, you should probably see if you like what they have to say :-)

Eat in the dining hall

This isn’t moms home-cooking anymore. Better see if your stomach can handle what this school serves. You’ll be spending more time in the dining halls then you think!

Spend a night (or two)

Make sure you get a good look at a dorm room & spend the night (if possible), to see if on-campus living is for you. You will learn a lot about a school once you are away from the scheduled tours & getting a real look at what life is like on campus.

Read the bulletin boards

Last but not least, read the bulletin boards! These are posts by people who are looking for others with common interests. Joining clubs or activities is a great way for you to make your new best friends. It may seem strange to you now, but when you get to school this is a great way to meet the people you’ll meld with.