Make the jump

Last post we looked at some pretty frightening statistics regarding the usefulness of a current bachelors degree. We saw that the masses are approaching their futures the same way and asked that you take the first steps towards thinking differently by reflecting on some critical questions. To recap, those questions were:

  • What will your degree really do for you?
  • What is the total investment going to be for your education?
  • Does the future vision align with the numbers it takes to get there?
  • Is there an easier way to achieve success and happiness?

The end result in focusing on all of these questions always comes back to one of our favorite exercises: VISUALIZING  your future and SEEING your dreams.

To some, the idea of just “believing in your dream” is simply not enough to achieve anything. We disagree.

Although there are always many stops on the journey to success, the first thing that anyone must do to arrive at an unknown destination is set the GPS.

Setting your GPS to know nothing but success allows you to begin to perceive things in a way you never have before. No one can expect to go through life without encountering difficulties. No one can live fully and not be upset on occasion. But there are ways of facing up to difficulties and there are techniques that can and should be employed when you are upset.

Please enjoy the video attached in this post and allow it to seep into the conscious way you perceive the college planning journey.

There are strategies and processes that we are happy to help you with to avoid the routine and monotones expectations that begin to seem unavoidable in the near future. If you refuse to become a statistic and have a passion for a biggerbrighterbetter future…

Let us help you create the path to get there.