The roadmap is built, clarity is certain, and now its time to take that next confident step in Plan Launch.

The Plan Launch step is where we take all the decisions made in Solutions and qualify them specifically for our student and the journey we've chosen to embark on.

  • What classes should I take next semester?
  • Which professors should I choose?
  • How am I going to pay for all of this?
  • FAFSA? 
  • Where should I live?

In the Plan Launch step, members of the students Trusted Team work together to make the transition into college as smooth as possible. Together we will pave out any possible bumps in the road so that as soon as our student steps foot on campus, they know exactly what they are doing. 


  • Teamwork Coaching Software
  • Financial Aid Prep
  • FAFSA Guidance
  • Scholarship Search
  • College Tool-Box
  • College Prep-Kit