We know that no journey comes without a detour or two. During the Continued Coaching sessions we have designed a series of help calls/meetings between the student & coach. These are critical for the student’s individual development because they navigate them through any bumps or unexpected turns that have come into their path, and help them to overcome them with great clarity and confidence.

Continued Coaching is offered only in our Platinum Pillar because it is for the student and family who are not only looking for advice, but also a support system. Continued Coaching is what separates our stellar process from anything else in our competitive space. We say that because when a student commits to Continued Coaching, they are committing to a mentor who will personally nurture them to success. 

Continued Coaching sessions can also be purchased individually for any other pillar package that you may select. 


  • Virtual roadmap check-in's
  • Roadwork & repairs
  • Pit-Stop coaching