In the Discovery Phase, we use a series of conative tools to help us get to know the type of person you already are. Here we discover your unique strengths & get excited & confident for making the big decisions we have ahead. Everything we do together in discovery is the nucleus for the rest of the program. 

We know that for many of our students the Discovery Phase is the first time they are asked to open up to what makes them who they are. The tools we use are the frameworks that allow a student to look at their academic history and understand why or why not things went well. 

We love helping students have their "aha moments", the moment where their eyes open to the freeing statement of "this is who i am" and "this is what i want to do". Discovery is the first step to accomplishing that moment. 


  • The College Confidence Wheel
  • 2 Self-Awareness Exams
  • Examining your strengths
  • Transcript Review