The College Confidence Program is our unique method for working with students and parents who won’t settle for just “going through the motions.”

The College Confidence Program consists of students going through a journey of extensive self-discovery. From this self-discovery, a calculated plan of action is developed where success is the only possible result.

The College Confidence Program™  is based on our unique method of coaching called The Internal Self-Validation Method™  (ISV). Based on our expereince working with high school students preparing for college, we have learned that many of them make the wrong choices about college. They make these mistakes because they don't know who they really are when they make these important decisions. At that point in their life they have a self-image based on external input from parents, teachers, friends and the media. We call this problem The External Self-Validation Trap™ .

The College Confidence Program is for young adults who:

  •  want to thrive on their unique talents
  •  are motivated by the opportunities that await them when they finish college
  •  prefer to focus on the bigger picture
  •  refuse to fall into The College Money-Pit Trap

The program consists of a five-step progression, uniquely designed to propel you from questions to confidence. This is predicated on our Pre-Discovery process which helps a CCC coach obtain sufficient background information on a student. The Coach will then utilize this information to most effectively advise the student on how to proceed with their personal CCC Roadmap.